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Lightweight Mark:up: language vulnerabilities

So you might be familiar with some leightweight markup languages (LML) such as RubyDoc, Textile and reStructuredText, but have you ever tried finding security issues with them?

First check this table for all features the LML supports. Some LMLs support class and id attributes! This allows you to use predefined styles on the current page.

RubyDoc (.rdoc)


Textile (.textile)

Surprisingly, Textilte supports a lot of things including the style attribute.

"Test link":javascript:alert(1)
p(#my-paragraph). This is a paragraph that has an id.
p(myclass). This is a paragraph that has a class.
div(myclass#myid). This div has both a CSS class and an id.
p{font-size: 0.8em}. Small font.

reStructuredText (.rst)

`Test link`__.  __ javascript:alert(document.domain)

AsciiDoc (.adoc)

http://example.com[Reverse Tabnabbing^]


You must find the challenge first.

Oiusetba elhrk plv xvtm, vhrqpvj jmsaa wr Glycv ws xlms fsaaifw avap klq, nz ph zsermg ws gbzq wlr uweoif vn Phhvh ijdmazb Dvxlhohv. Aulv wkil dmuh vrhlb, ki flvw d qrzadji gv Kbuyf, oqggia pv wki oltob ss h pdui, vunruqvuo klq goiw wlr Tmgleaz erxpq tcwlrl vv wki spmog, wuvcog lr ainh eeta djevuaw kmf nzdqhshbkhv.

The key is hidden.

Tip: The solution is just a text excerpt.


As always the rules are:

  • DM me (@EdOverflow) your solution. Please send me a little write-up so that I can see how you went about solving the challenge.
  • Do not post solutions in the channel.
  • You may work in teams to solve challenge.
  • Challenges end when at least 5 people have solved the challenge.
  • If you have questions you can contact me. Please do not ask for solutions before the challenge ends.


Solution (2017-08-17)

By @uraniumhacker 1) Ed is a troll
2) The key is literally "hidden"
3) copy the vigenere and the for the key put "hidden"
4) Solved